7-Zip 18.05 for (32-bit & 64-bit)

This application is for 32-bit version.

7 Zip is a file archiver which is used to compress a group of files in a folder called archives. It is introduced in 1999 by Igor Pavlov. It uses its own 7z archive format but can write and read some other format. Zip file keeps the associated file together and makes it easy to email, transporting files, downloading file and sorting data. 7 zip supported different compression methods like BZip2, BCJ2, BCJ2, LZMA2, LZMA, PPMD and default. Among these default compression method of archive is LZMA.

The benefits of LZMA are:

  • Code size small
  • Compression ratio high
  • Compression speed high
  • Multiple threading support
  • High decompression speed
  • Hyper treading

Key features of 7 Zip are:

  • In a new 7z format high compression ratio with LZMA
  • Compression ratio for GZIP and ZIP format is 2 to 10 percent better than by Winzip and PKZip
  • For unpacking support formats only: XAR, CPIO, DMG, ARJ, CHM, DEB, CAB, LZH, ISO, MSI, RPM, HFS, NSIS, WIM, RAR, UDF and Z.
  • Supported unpacking and packing formats: GZIP, 7Z, BZIP2, 7z and TAR.
  • Command line version is powerful.
  • AES-256 is strong in ZIP &7z formats.
  • 7z format have self- extracting capability.
  • Localization for 74 language
  • File manager is powerful.

7-Zip software for computer download:

DOWNLOAD @7-ZipĀ 32-bit

DOWNLOAD @7-ZipĀ 64-bit

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